How To Install PHPMyAdmin (Laragon)

Published March 8, 2020 • 1 min read

As a PHP developer, I have been using Laragon for a while its very cool. Laragon is fast and easy way to create an isolated development environment on Windows. Includes Mysql, PHP Memcached, Redis, Apache, Nginx and awesome for working with your Laravel projects.

Laragon came with everything I needed for development excerpt PHPMyAdmin. It came with an alternative that I never liked - HeidiSQL. My reason being that I already have my web app running on the browser and HeidiSQL running on another interface. Going back and forth wasn't a good experience so I decided to move back to my beloved PHPMyAdmin.

The good news is that setting up PHPMyAdmin on Laragon was very easy and simple. Let me show you :)


First you need to download PHPMyAdmin from the official website or anywhere you can get yours :)

After downloading it, move over to the apps directory inside Laragon installation folder.


Next is to extract the PHPMyAdmin we just downloaded inside the above mentioned folder. Rename the folder to PHPMyAdmin when you are done extracting it.

Now start Laragon and head over to your browser and welcome our dear PHPMyAdmin :)



Laragon is a wonderful development environment for Windows. Give it a try and you will definitely like it.

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